Mentors, Sages, Elmers, and Tech Geeks that Voluneer To Help Out

Buddipole Antenna System

N8GU - Bob Lewis -


Radio Programming and Yagi Antenna Building

KO4EFS - Ian Hickin -

I am fairly New to Ham Radio but I offer my Services to anyone who is having difficulty Programming the Cheep Chinese Radios.  I have had early success with this and have a number of cables, radio images, and programs.   This includes Baofeng, Qyt, Tyt, B-Tech, Etc.  Using Chirp.   I have also worked extensively with Yagi Antennas from 6M to 70cm.   I would love to work with anyone on Yagi Antenna building.  I have built a number of them and have found a love in the power of the beam!    

If You Want To Be On This List, Please Email Me With What You Want To Help Out With And The Way You Want Them To Contact You.    KO4EFS - Ian Hickin -