Technology for New Hams.  We asked our Experienced Hams and Elmers to share experiences with us that can save you time and money when starting out.   We took a Deep Dive into What to Buy First and What to Save For Later!  What's worth the Money and what is not!   and...  Most Importantly, What Works and What Doesn't!       

Portable Radio Antennas.  How bad are they really, Can I Make My Own.  Which One Should I Buy.   Then....   


33cm and 23cm.   What are hams doing on 900 Mhz and 1200 Mhz.    Is it worth getting into?  We want to know..  

  • VHF / UHF Radio Equipment

    • Where to buy​

    • Inexpensive vs Expensive

  • The 2M, 1.25M, & 70cm Bands​

  • Antenna Systems

    • Portable Radios / HTs​

    • Mobile Radios

    • Base Radios​​

  • Coax for each of the Bands​

  • SSB and AM Use on 2M / 70cm

  • Repeaters in SW Florida 

  • Use of Repeaters

  • The Yagi Uda Antenna 

  • Yagi Homebrew Build Explained

  • See The Plans HERE

  • Winlink Explained

  • Discussion about Winlink use with ARES

  • This Net and Website 

  • Mobile Antenna Mount Options

  • Receiving Images from NOAA Satellites

  • Satellite Tracking Software


These Files Were Shared During a Previous Net