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Tracking Aircraft From The Shack with your SDR Dongle, Free Programs, and an Antenna that you can Build Today

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This Screen Is LIVE From Station KO4EFS in North Fort Myers, Florida 
Virtual Radar Screen Capture b.png
Southwest Florida Tech Net the Night We Built and Demonstrated this System

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Links and Information

Decoder program:  dump1090  -

Virtual Radar Program:  Virtual Radar Server   -

Other programs are also available that will accomplish these same results.


Good Luck with your project.  If you would like some assistance, feel free to contact us at 

This Presentation was Produced and Provided free of charge by Ian KO4EFS and Joseph KM4OVZ and the Southwest Florida Tech Team.  Please Join Us Every Friday Evening at 8pm for the LIVE Southwest Florida Tech Net on Zoom and Youtube.   Just Click The DIRECT ZOOM LINK Button at the top of the page.   

Here is the Slide Show In Case You Missed Something

Having Trouble Getting Your SDR Dongle To Work, This Video Will Help