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NEXT Friday Night Tech NET

Friday at 8:00pm   


TONIGHT on the Southwest Florida Tech Net,  Special Guest Host Micah, KN4IUU join Hosts Ian KO4EFS & Joseph KM4OVZ for a Deep Dive into the Next Generation of LED Technology! Individually Addressable Light Emitting Diodes. With this Technology, each addressable LED has an integrated driver which allows the brightness and color of each to be regulated separately, that is, an LED can be a various color to the one beside it. Therefore, it enables us to develop lovely and complex illumination effects. These are Inexpensive and Start Up Projects are Easy! This is a Great Project.


Due to Lack of Interest by Hams in the Local Area and Continued Abuse / Misuse (Yelling The F Word Over and Over Again + Hundreds of Malicious Clicks and Key Ups) the Freedom Net is no longer going to carried in Southwest Florida.   It seems like every time we try to do anything in Ham Radio the Grumpy Curmudgeons and Power Tripping Karens seem to find a way to silence us!  

Our Live Streams

SARnet Florida - Statewide Network 

Lee County Government P-25 Trunked System

SW Florida Amateur Radio Repeaters 

The Zoom Platform offers amazing opportunities that radio can't:

1) Screen Share

2) Cameras over the work bench for Live Demonstrations.

3) We can CQ LIVE with a Screen Capture of the Radio and audio.  

4) We can have in specialists and instructors from anywhere in the world. 

5) Video Share - With Permission short videos from other sources can be used. 

6) Pre-Produced Segments - we can show video from earlier tests, club events, and equipment demonstrations. 

7) Demonstrate Digital Modes with Screen Capture and Audio. 


Consumer Alert - HRD Software   AKA - Ham Radio Deluxe

I Strongly Recommend Against Using HRD Software.    I Personally purchased the Software Package and paid $100.00.  IT NEVER WORKED.   They Do NOT Guarantee that it Will Work With Your System!   Tech Support is Rude and will give up on you quickly!    They Refused to Refund my money!  I have spoke personally to three others who have had the same issue and experience.   Once you send your money, regardless of the outcome, you DO NOT Get Your Money Back.   It is rare to find an experience this bad in Ham Radio, but you can certainly find it here.    Much Better, Cheaper Software is out there that does everything that HRD will do and much more.   HRD Also has an antiquated look and feel and has lots of issues integrating with Logbook of the World.   I would stay away, plenty of better choices!  

                           Ian Hickin - KO4EFS 

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